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Help Installing Ubuntu 12 With Windows 8


If so then whilst in Ubuntu follow the same instructions for running the boot repair (as if you had booted from the live USB).DeleteReplyAnonymous7 January 2014 at 14:32Will the process be Most such tools were written before EFI became common, and older versions don't create the right EFI boot files. Version 13.04 has only 9 months worth of support and then you will be expected to upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu. However, when i get to step 7, i dont see my USB key named on the list.

If either Windows or Ubuntu won't load or nothing loads at all it is worth checking over the above steps to make sure you turned off fast boot and secure boot. I have just obtained my first laptop that contains Windows 8 and therefore my first laptop with UEFI and secure boot enabled. Create a bootable USB drive with Ubuntu on it Download Ubuntu You can download Ubuntu from I have a dell inspiron 7520 with activated win 8, but i don't get the "uefi settings" option when i enter the panel!

How To Install Ubuntu On Windows 8 Laptop

I am, however, having an issue with the boot loader, as outlined in my comment below. Of course this is done using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (non-UEFI). Test that everything works Reboot your computer and remove the USB drive. Any machine that ships with the recommended Microsoft Third-Party Marketplace keys in firmware will be able to boot Ubuntu under SecureBoot.

  • Don't be afraid.
  • Click on the "settings" option and then type "recovery".
  • Regardless of restoring to factory settings you will want to back up all those pictures, videos and all those songs you downloaded from iTunes.
  • I tried installation DVD to repair, but it didn't work.
  • I have 2 available to me and neither of them are any good.

You can choose any one of your broadband connections. Just select everything like you are used to. Breaking change in method overload resolution in C# 6 - explanation? How To Install Linux On Windows 8 Using Virtualbox DeleteGary Newell20 October 2013 at 12:26Hi Andrew,Yes this would work on Windows 7 although it might be even easier depending on your computer.

Click on the search icon and start typing "backup". Install Ubuntu 16.04 Alongside Windows 8 Instead, it takes me directly into the "Installation type" window which displays the Device, Type, Partition Tables etc. It really helped me.ReplyDeleteShawn Beightol18 January 2014 at 20:26Great work!2 things I had to work around:1) Some USB thumbdrives will not first cheap one didn't and I spent a lot I am using an Inspiron 3520.

I'm guessing you installed a version of Ubuntu other than 13.04? Linux For Windows 8 Free Download So it has a keyboard button near the power button, to backup/restore Windows in case something goes wrong. Read the bottom (TROUBLESHOOT) of this answer for more information regarding this point. If I choose Ubuntu, things work great.

Install Ubuntu 16.04 Alongside Windows 8

Choose Something else here: Suggested ReadSkype 4.0 For Linux Is Released. Now before saving, some motherboards offer a Boot Mode option. How To Install Ubuntu On Windows 8 Laptop This way you will be able to choose which one to boot from in the same boot menu and not worry if one will work or not. How To Install Ubuntu On Windows 8 Using Virtualbox There are numerous articles on the web to show you how to backup your system.

Download Unetbootin5. Plug in the USB and boot the system from it. This is the partition that needs to be shrunk in order to make space for Ubuntu. You are installing on an MS-DOS type disk scheme (You can only have 4 primary partitions as opposed to GPT Scheme) which has at least 1 Free Primary Partition. How To Install Linux On Windows 8 Using Vmware

However, it does not list any of the disk devices, as you can see from the screenshot here: tried to run gparted, but it gives me the error "The backup The size should be virtually all the unpartitioned space minus about 16 gigabytes. It is worth spending the time looking at the options available to you. useful reference Couldn't figure why.

If you think you have done everything correctly then copy any errors and load the Live USB version of Ubuntu again. Replace Windows 8 With Ubuntu quidsup 150,946 views 8:37 Install Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) alongside Windows 8 - Duration: 5:06. Let's face it.

Another option is to open XChat by pressing the super key and typing XChat.

Select your location If you are connected to the internet, this should be done automatically. share|improve this answer answered May 13 '13 at 4:45 Ranveer 230316 Where Can i get a UEFI supported version of Ubuntu? –Digheal May 15 '13 at 21:40 Next? How To Install Linux On Windows 8 Laptop It will probably take you less time to install Ubuntu than it has to read the article down to this far.

This answer has been updated thanks to Hellreaver, Pacerier, Carl H, Steve D and many others. After shrinking the Windows partition you should have free space. BernatReplyDeleteRepliesGary Newell13 November 2013 at 22:03It depends how much space is taken by the Windows partition to start with. this page Set the partition type to EXT4.

Select the bootloader you have for your Linux distribution. Mount this one to /HOME and set the type to EXT4. Select the icon to reboot Windows but hold down the shift button as you do so. Then I went to boot repair and worked flawlessly as described!!Ubuntu ROCKS!!!ReplyDeleteAnonymous11 December 2013 at 18:19When I turn off EFI, I cannot boot into W8 anymore; I get a msg like

More on this: –Rinzwind Apr 11 '13 at 12:00 2 @minerz029, Hi friend, I have edited your question to make it more general in regards to dual booting with