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Finally A Windows 8 (8.1) Version I LIKE


If one wants to have the old menu system, there are plenty of start menu options out there. Retrieved January 22, 2014. ^ "Hands-On with Windows 8.1: New Utility Apps". Also make sure you have installed Update 1 in your system. And me? check over here

Ars Technica. The best VM software causes VM apps to run on the host desktop as if they are running from the host. Retrieved January 12, 2014. ^ Wilhelm, Alex (February 16, 2011). "Windows 7 SP1 RTM is out for MSDN and TechNet customers". On mobiles, Windows 8 was highly regarded, being essentially a mobile OS that also happened to work on desktops.

How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported

I am wondering how much of this is just plain "I hate M$" crap. narg Liar. If your application is designed to run on a Desktop, your View will be different than if you were designing it to run on a Tablet, but your Model and Controller Mind you, there are instances where a given road is inappropriate for bikes (speed limit over 30mph) or cars (‘road' is not wide enough for cars, speed limit under 10mph), just

John Pombrio Win7 is still 47% and Win10 22%. It has been drastically reduced in usefulness. I don't care about seeing the weather or the latest news, or what's currently trending on Bing. When Does Windows 10 Support End Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

Retrieved January 13, 2014. ^ Covert, Adrian (August 14, 2013). "Windows 8.1 update coming October 18". Windows 10 Support End Date In Windows 8, you could only search whichever folder you happened to be viewing. I've also written a serial port device driver for linux that handles a 9 bit binary protocol used on our equipment. I also note Microsoft is still quietly allowing late comers into their windows 10 party.

The only reason I've still got windows on my main machine at home is for games and photoshop and the lack of a printer driver for my Cannon Pro9000 Mark II. What Is Windows Extended Support A very arrogant and snobbish attitude. Also useful are the new features for customizing the Start screen, particularly for using it as an app launcher. Wasn't there an old adage about a Jack of all trades being master of none?

Windows 10 Support End Date

over all display visual effects changed, but speed is good. Anonymous Very helpful..thanks GFJ @Edward Romo My man :) Jon Hi thanks for the tutorial :) Would anything i have done from the tutorial hindered my ability to access a remote How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported If you have actually used it you would, perhaps, be able to explain why it is a crap OS. "After Earth" sold over twice as much as "Jerry McGuire" in tickets. When Will Microsoft Stop Supporting Windows 10 Laptops are normally slightly slower than desktop computers due to size limitations.

Microsoft have gambled waaay too much on the tablet side of things, given the fact their percentage in that market is still, after so many years, a third class citizen. check my blog Review Windows 8.1 first look: Finally, Windows the way you want it Email a friend To Use commas to separate multiple email addresses From Privacy Policy Thank you Your message has Sedge Wick If you see no reason to migrate, then don't do it and stop complaining about something you don't use, and don't plan on using in the future. and running it in compatibility mode won't work either… ninchaokin ninhin Is there something that runs on Windows 10 you need that does not run on Windows 7? Windows 8 Support Phone Number

  • We are seeing a lot of, "oh, good, this is finally pretty nice" messaging coming from Ars, suggesting 8.0 wasn't so good.
  • It competes with its desktop self because they have forced it as a replacement for its desktop self.
  • mori bund Sebastian must do something right, since the one side calls him "bought and paid for by M$" while the other side complains he's a Microsoft-hater… ;-) Sebastian Anthony
  • I would expect that the desktop has more RAM than the laptop.
  • The other possible problems are related to just changing how you do things.
  • The error is "There was a problem sending the command to the program".
  • up +12 (+12 / 0) down 928 posts | registered May 11, 2009 Operative Me Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor reply Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:21 am Trencher93 wrote:Lipstick on a
  • VG ^^ Have you installed graphics card drivers?
  • Every install added more folders, all based on the company name (which usually isn't helpful as you either know the application name or what it does).
  • How do explain the iPad, iPhone, touch devices, Kindle ereaders and all the other devices people use and love?

Timothy Valdez Ah grasshopper, you still miss the point. While not above criticism, I prefer to think of Windows 8.1 as a (nearly) brand new mobile OS that includes a complete desktop experience when needed. For multiscreen desktops, 8.1 is much better. this content Totally helped :) ramvignesh98 thanks!

However my system still lags a lot while steaming videos online on all websites. Windows 8 End Of Life Date I was just In the middle of reading Google news, when the OS took control and forced an update. One of the coolest aspects of windows 8 is its search.

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The whole mess is still focused on the ridiculous, counter-productive notion of touch on the PC via the hated, execrable and useless Metro UI and the pathetic and nearly pointless Apps I followed everything except step 1 as I wanted to try first the other settings. Her tablet is used for surfing the ‘net. Microsoft Windows 8 Support End Date Then they appeal to the pirates by saying they will give them W10 for free…..

up -14 (+2 / -16) down 195 posts | registered Mar 14, 2010 fbxxkl Seniorius Lurkius reply Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:56 am New Poster If I can't change the colors I've been enjoying the speed and security of Windows8 with a virtually identical GUI to Win7 for months. Frank Lindsey MS needed to hit a home run with windows 8.1 and all they managed was a ground ball. have a peek at these guys But if enough users bite into Microsoft's free upgrade offer, August's numbers for Window 10 should show a significant increase.

They are also ergonomically abysmal. I actually like IE modern better(especially on touch) than IE desktop. These changes make using Mail in Windows 8.1 substantially less jarring, particularly on a desktop where one is used to working with multiple windows. There are more options now, but I find it an improvement over what we had before.

I note in passing Microsoft is aggressively buying back stock now. Of course, but hardware limits the ability of each, not software. they are a step backwards for the desktop, now get back to your job at Microsoft. Applications are no longer added to the Start screen automatically when installed, and all applications now have colored tiles (desktop programs were previously shown in a single color).

Bugs have also been fixed. Frank Lindsey Where did I say anything about a start menu? Retrieved January 13, 2014. ^ Thurrott, Paul (June 26, 2013). "Download and Install the Windows 8.1 Preview".