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Here is what I have done on each of the drivers that you listed as needing update, as well as my questions about what happened. To find desktops model you can look at the box of your motherboard to identify it with assurance. I have an external drive of Toshiba. Part of some initial problems at first powerup was that the DVD drive didn’t work. have a peek at this web-site

In addition, I burned a new file to the disk, took the disk out of the drive, then put it back in, and was also able to read the file that Motherboard issues can be tricky: it's usually a problem with the chipset driver as I've mentioned before, but it could also be a flawed BIOS setting or hardware issue. Please take a look and say which driver is causing BSOD. just ignore (respectfully of course) the PC mechanic post, then. his comment is here

Driver_power_state_failure Windows 7 64 Bit

You want to install 64 bit drivers only. However, I see the amount of installed apps you have and understand why you may not want to reinstall the OS, but please consider it as you need to know if It does NOT say "64 bit" by itself but "32/64 bits" so is that what I want? 05-26-2010, 10:38 PM #9 jcgriff2 Team Manager, Microsoft SupportBSOD Kernel Dump Expert My internal drives are Crucial SSD and Seagate SSHD.

By Wrench97 in forum BSOD, Crashes, Kernel Debugging Replies: 11 Last Post: 11-29-2013, 08:10 AM -- Sysnative 2016 - DEFAULT -- Sysnative Aero ---- Sysnative Aero - SINGLE COLUMN ---- Sysnative Reply camilla mo says: May 17, 2016 at am9:58 Dear Cassidy, It is ok to uninstall this driver. With Professional version, all drivers can be updated automatically with just one click.You can have 30-day money back guarantee. 0x9f Driver_power_state_failure Do you have a DVD drive?

After uninstalling the drivers, restart Windows. It worked just fine. Also, you are correct that I would not want to reinstall Windows 7. All I know from my research is that this BSOD is related to drivers, but I've installed all of my drivers.

Essentially, if there's a 3rd party driver believed to be causing the issues at hand, enabling Driver Verifier will help us see which specific driver is causing the problem. 0x0000009f So, now search your bios update: By searching your Model no. Reply jamieclarke says: March 8, 2016 at am10:11 thanks Reply Greg says: March 6, 2016 at pm3:33 Is there a way3? Devin reported an Event Log Description that said: “The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk5\DR5” My Response/Question: I don’t know what that sentence means, but I note that it says

Driver_power_state_failure Fix

Sometimes few drivers having some compatibility issue with this feature and by disabling this fast startup you can easily fix this error, just in a couple of minutes if fast startup DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION (c4) This is the general bug check code for fatal errors found by Driver Verifier. Driver_power_state_failure Windows 7 64 Bit Since summer is the camp’s busy season, it would just not be feasible to reinstall Windows unless there was a hard crash and that was the only option. Driver Power State Failure Windows 7 Graphics Driver Product Detected Intel® HD Graphics 4600 Current Driver Installed Your driver is current.

Also in note 9, jcgriff2 said, “The system had its initial boot-up on 3 March 2010. Check This Out Any other ways I could find it and uninstall or determine if I installed them by accidentally? Thanks. How To Fix SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION – 0x0000003B? What Is Driver Power State Failure

Usually this fault mainly occurred when we update or install a new “drivers” in our windows, last week I got 50 emails people asking about some solutions to fix this error I seem to remember some ancient piece of software or hardware that would detect whether a telephone line was an analog line or a digital line. BSOD BUGCHECK SUMMARY Code: Built by: 7600.16539.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100226-1909 Debug session time: Sat May 22 14:57:14.720 2010 (GMT-4) System Uptime: 0 days 0:51:02.280 BugCheck 1000009F, {4, 258, fffffa8003b65040, fffff80003dba510} Probably caused by : How To Fix KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED – 0x0000001E?

The bugcheck was: 0x0000009f (0x0000000000000004, 0x0000000000000258, 0xfffffa8003b64040, 0xfffff80003db3510). 0x0000009f Windows 10 Was there something wrong with them? 2. Since that time, there have been no further problems at powerup, so I don’t know what happened, but apparently it fixed itself somehow. 2.

I downloaded the RealTek driver from the guru3d website and executed it.

Reply Olexandr says: February 25, 2016 at am2:08 Thanks for help. I only tried writing a DVD once or twice, but that seemed to be successful and the DVD drive has read various DVD’s again apparently successfully. 3. I recently installed WhoCrashed and got a dump file to read too. 0x9f To Dec I don’t remember anything else about it, but if that’s accurate, it might be related to the modem.

etc. I can't see how it could be either of the last two because you've never opened the computer and I assume that you haven't played around with the BIOS settings much. If I then click on "High Definition Audio Codecs", then the first choice is " Vista/Windows 7 Driver (32/64 bits) Driver only zip file. have a peek here Uninstalled Generic PnP Monitor.

sad face telling me that my pc had encountered a problem "they were fixing it" but I could check later for error driver-power-state-failure. I get an error of WinpkFilter not found, WiFi connected but couldn't connect to the Internet after doing that. Code: 5: kd> k Child-SP RetAddr Call Site ffffd000`23c4f5f8 fffff800`67412258 nt!KeBugCheckEx ffffd000`23c4f600 fffff800`67406105 VerifierExt!SLIC_abort+0x5c ffffd000`23c4f640 fffff800`6740613b VerifierExt!SLIC_KeAcquireSpinLockAtDpcLevel_entry_IrqlDispatch+0x31 ffffd000`23c4f670 fffff802`408928f0 VerifierExt!KeAcquireSpinLockAtDpcLevel_wrapper+0x33 ffffd000`23c4f6c0 fffff800`68844716 nt!VerifierKeAcquireSpinLockAtDpcLevel+0xa4 ffffd000`23c4f700 ffffcf80`cada0bb0 ndisrd+0x2716 ffffd000`23c4f708 ffffd000`23c4f768 0xffffcf80`cada0bb0 ffffd000`23c4f710 fffff802`404f4060 In any event, the system seems to still be working properly and I do not notice anything unusual.

Driver Verifier can subject the Windows drivers to a variety of stresses and tests to find improper behavior. So has this been updated successfully? 05-26-2010, 07:16 PM #8 RogeratCCCC Registered Member Join Date: May 2010 Posts: 25 OS: Windows 7 Sorry to be so dense. In fact, of course, there is only one disk, but there ARE four memory card readers which I never use but which show up on the “My Computer” display. Who knows, it might fix your problem as well?

Open the CMD as an administrator. jcgriff2 . Don't worry about the link. I added a 2nd HDD and an nVidia GF 970GTX but still had a 650w PSU.

DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION (c4) This is the general bug check code for fatal errors found by Driver Verifier. For what it's worth, if you're using an adapter, you generally only want to use your adapter's drivers and then disable the onboard or integrated network card. So try starting your PC more than 2 times to enter Recovery environment. Looking forward to see your reply soon.

The problem is most probably caused by driver issues. I tested the DVD drive as follows: first I found a previous DVD-RW that I had used to test this drive on March 22, 2010. I recommend keeping it enabled for at least 24 hours. There should be an .exe to run.

Select - "Select individual settings from a full list" 3. I have had no problems with the DVD drive since the first day or two.