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Home > Windows 10 > Final Thoughts On Windows 8. Four Days Of Pain And I Am Out.

Final Thoughts On Windows 8. Four Days Of Pain And I Am Out.


There isn't a physical impediment. I stopped using the Mail app and such as it didn't cut it for me after a while, must be some bugs that still need exterminating. Note the absence of any prominent "No" button.Microsoft made this change to the Windows 10 GWX application, in a patently obvious attempt to shove more users towards upgrading. Aces-In The-Palm No, there's not.

Much easier to spy on us when we are all using the same OS! CatWhisperer No, they can't install "what they want" because sure, maybe they own the software, but they don't own the computer. I didn't even look at the name. in BSOD Crashes and Debugging Hi All, I have been trying, and failing, to rebuild my pc recently.

Do People Like Windows 10

As the Windows 10 launch nears, Microsoft is clearing up loose ends. To find out more and change your cookie settings, please view our cookie policy. This could be worse for Microsoft than it first appears. In this article, we're going old school and talking traditional desktop OS.Before (about) July 29, 2016 If you are running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 (I'll come back to this

Hell no! Sorry There was an error emailing this page. After a year, you'll be paying about $119 for an upgrade. Windows 10 Terrible Either way, there is work that remains to be done, and I'm hopeful that many of these fixes will be granted from upon high in the Pacific Northwest in a future

There you go. What Command Can You Run To View Directx Information? You know, to keep it going when you run out of things to say :). Arthur & Company, 1860Original fromUC Southern Regional Library FacilityDigitizedNov 12, 2014  Export CitationBiBTeXEndNoteRefManAbout Google Books - Privacy Policy - TermsofService - Blog - Information for Publishers - Report an issue - Help Bryan Garcia Screen pixelating.

The icons on my start menu should be customizable as well (this is really just basic stuff, that I cannot believe is not included). -I cannot see businesses embracing this OS When A User Logs Into Windows, What Registry Key Is Created? Speaking of the seeming lack of brain power on the Windows 8 development side of things: 4. But if OneDrive placeholders are important to you, don't upgrade until they work with Windows 10. 7. I predict nearly 0% adoption amongst businesses.

What Command Can You Run To View Directx Information?

Patrick Proctor The problem is you have a lot of contract law that overrides much of standard law. That license does not give them any right to the content or lack of on my computer. Do People Like Windows 10 You were asking for some examples of software that would not work with W10 and I gave you mine. Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft That being said, the pc running Windows 10 is great.

I am no discouraging anyone. check my blog A new operating system hasn't been tested on every possible piece of hardware, with every piece of software, and with every hardware/software combination. I have all the most updated drivers and I'm still having issues. If you're one of that group, stay away from upgrading. 9. How Do I Get Rid Of Windows 10

  1. As it was most of us.
  2. VERY little has changed from windows 7 on in terms of internal functionality.
  3. Anyone who spends even 5 minutes with Windows 10 can see how superior it is to 8/8.1 and especially the old slow dinosaur that is 7.
  4. Period. -The os should be for desktop users first, then tablet, not the other way around.
  5. Try and do something on your pc a little more advanced than facebook, candy crush or freecell.
  6. Since then I've been courted by other colonial powers, but I was conditioned at a young age to the ways of Windows and -- no matter how it came to be
  7. I ended up fixing it myself and passed the info along to them in then event it was happening to other users.
  8. Do you have a lot of OSS on your machine that you actually paid for?
  9. So the common wisdom is that iOS is where the money is for app developers; I get that.
  10. The motherboard, video card, and memory were all previously used successfully without problems on a Windows 7 system.

That's it. I'm convinced that anyone refusing to upgrade simply have not actually sat down and used Windows 10. Now I am getting BSOD's fairly regularly, 2-3 a day, I think they are all BSOD, but as they regularly occur when I am not at the computer,... 2013: Installing Linux this content There was no way to fix it but by starting again from scratch.

Tried reinstalling it? Windows 10 Forced Upgrade Lawsuit Microsoft has a two-browser strategy... The purpose of Me was to bring some Win 2000 features to the Win9x line. - Windows 7-10 RAM usage is not half bad compared to any other popular OS.

I honestly don't feel like messing around with my computer for days on end just to get a single program to run.

They're the ones who feel the pain. Windows 8 is Dead OS Walking. It does not seem properly balanced. Xp Forever There is no personal information in the telemetry.

This happens every time there has been a new version of Windows. Ah, but which mode of Chrome do I need -- desktop mode or Win8? First. have a peek at these guys Your excessive use of hyperbole does not really make your point very strong.

KillerKadoogan I like how you start start out as if you are stating a fact, only to follow it with your own misguided and inaccurate presumption that it has to exist The RAM usage for Win10 is perfectly in line with my Mint or MacOS machines. No more support for media center anymore though… .(it does have a 2yr old 750ti that might be the only thing keeping it modern.) FexFX I suspect the tech was being Gmail and Chrome are very popular and if microsoft can't figure out how to work with them, tough for microsoft.

That is it. Email a friend To Use commas to separate multiple email addresses From Privacy Policy Thank you Your message has been sent. Iam not a computer tech wiz but not illiterate either. Fact is that while demand for Windows 8 has been soft, I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon, given the enormous market share that legacy Windows versions enjoy.

Microsoft says the Windows 10 upgrade requires 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS, so you'll have to make that determination before you try to upgrade. I put Ubuntu on it yesterday, everything is good except the proprietary Asus flip-lock Thomas Thayer SonicWalls' builtin McAfee anti-virus isn't supported, in fact you need to manually uninstall it before What? The OS should be smart enough to know that there is no touch screen present, and adjust itself accordingly.

You're using Windows 7 Windows 10 undoes the damage done by Windows 8, an operating system that was built more for touch devices than for traditional PCs. Shrill for Microsoft was accurate. If you want to try out HoloLens or Oculus Rift, you'll want Windows 10. After a few weeks I reinstalled Windows 7 Professional and decided to wait out the next 4 years before they drop support the OS completely.

They work, they're rock solid, and all their drivers are perfectly tuned to the hardware they're running on. What would I do? Denise Chatham Of course you didn't. It gets ripe in the customer's hands.

It's really glitchy online now, specially with chrome and firefox, I don't even attempt IE11 LOL However with all of that, when I disconnect from wifi, it's still a blazing fast