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Home > Windows 10 > Endless Blue Spinning Animation (unresponsive Win Updates)

Endless Blue Spinning Animation (unresponsive Win Updates)

Contents Kris Diehl Ajeeth, thabk you! There was no spinning cursor and CPU was less than 10% with my normal activities. When restarting, it started to reboot again and again: Help!!! Frizzle Is Talking "- WARNING - **THE INFORMATION BELOW IS PRELIMINARY AND HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED, EDITED, OR TESTED BY MICROSOFT. Check This Out

Interaction engines - Dialog Fix #30428 Remove additional beep sound with switch from autonomous Life to Dialog. Q826127: Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock Indicators Are Reversed "The status of the Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock functions is not affected. Q838962: Guests are not happy in Zoo Tycoon "Your guests are hungry, unhappy, and want to use the restrooms." Q162201: ErrMsg: Magic School Bus Needs More Memory "Magic School Bus needs Q136592: Left Mouse Button Click Acts Like Right Mouse Button Click "This problem can occur sporadically and unpredictably when many mouse events occur at the same time..." Q137456: Centimeter Measurements in

Windows 10 Spinning Circle Constantly

Q278550: Image Appears Flipped in Presentation from Earlier Version of PowerPoint How'd your big presentation go the other day, Bob? I held down power and vol-down to enter the Fastboot Mode. Hopefully this helps people.. Re: Creative Cloud Desktop App stuck on blue spinning wheel after update.

Fix #29446 Conversation not sent to cloud when user check "Usage Feedback". It may become so large that it no longer fits on the slide, and may run off the bottom or side of the slide." Q252669: Cannot Suppress the Word Startup Splash Fix #32775 Deadlock in ALBehaviorManager.stopBehavior if a behavior contains several Dialog boxes. Windows 10 Spinning Dots Black Screen Fix #27267 Double-click on torso button may remove robot stiffness even if it was in Autonomous Life.

Fix #32048 Japanese translation modification at the Robot System Update screen. Windows 10 Spinning Circle Fix Link goes to now. Kris Diehl I'm not sure if I've seen rooted devices bricking or not, but stock Lollipop seems to be a consistent theme, so if you stick with Ubuntu, you might Q305681: Computer Turns Off During Text-Mode Setup If it Is Too Hot "SYMPTOMS: The Welcome screen may appear, and your computer may then turn off." Q157035: Date Returned in a Macro

Fix #30790 MemoryWatcher assumes the DCM period is 10ms. Windows 10 Black Screen Spinning Circle Fix #7856 sometimes MT9M114 HD camera (Atom - NAO V4) doesn't handle well Auto Exposition: dark images seem even darker than expected. Fix #30071 Memory Watcher - natures of pre-selected keys are not properly updated at connection. Q171549: FIX: Cashed [sic] Class Factorys [sic] Get Released by Illegal Thread heh.

Windows 10 Spinning Circle Fix

All Rights Reserved. | Powered by Help | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy and Cookies (UPDATED) | Forum Help | Tips for AskingJive Software Version: , revision: 20160218075410.6eafe9c.release_8.0.3.x 403. I've tried a few with no luck. Windows 10 Spinning Circle Constantly Fix #33203 Bad synchronization between TTS and ASR for the 1st sentence in dialog. Windows 10 Stuck At Spinning Dots This helped me a ton after upgrading from windows 7 to 10.

Note: Microsoft has taken it down. Links to a cached page now. Q209354: HOW TO: RTFM "This article demonstrates how to read the f*cking manual, as popularised by the RTFM directive." Q172668: Barney Fun on Imagination Island Error "ERROR: Barney Not Found." Q281923: Instantly booted up. Windows 10 Stuck On Spinning Circle

I then quite the CC desktop app using the activity monitor. If anyone can do this, it could be very helpful. Then I launched Activity Monitor (in Applications: Utilities) and force-quit everything that had the name Adobe or CC, plus Core Sync (it has the red CC icon). this contact form Fix #29886 skins should match whole words only.

The issue has returned. Windows 10 Spinning Wheel It appears as if the problem is just suddenly happening weeks or days after the Lollipop update was applied. On a last ditch all night effort, I was finally able to get it working (thanks to XDA and other forums).

Fix #33066 BasicAwareness stops responding.

After some time, I did notice extreme battery usage while idle, (which I believe to be an unrelated app issue, though I could be wrong,) and occasional touch-lag. Fix #22267 Record mode in Timeline Editor is dead. On the third day, as I was about to resume research and had a call scheduled with McAfee 2nd tier support, the issue was gone. Restoring Your Previous Version Of Windows This also worked for me but it doesn't stick- I can only login when the Wifi is off, so it's not a permanent fix.

Thanks! Fix #27579 Behavior doesn't play in Choregraphe. And while it may not necessarily be the same exact issue (as users are reporting a wide variety of different symptoms), some Nexus 5 users have seen their device become unusable following navigate here Q830680: Forgotten Password Wizard Prompts You to Insert a Disk into Drive C When you run the Forgotten Password Wizard in Microsoft Windows XP to create a password reset disk on

Fix #29088 QiMessaging - naoqi-bin.exe cannot create qimessagingmachine_id file when a non-ascii character is in the file path on Windows Fix #34026 qilaunch support gentle interruption on SIGINT and SIGTERM Fix This is a serious problem affecting at least hundreds of reporting users. I can go into preferences but cannot make any changes, as it goes back to waiting. You unlock your unit via WugFresh, download the proper release (easily found and selected via WugFresh), pop your Nexus device into sideloading mode, boot into the new release (yay!) and then

Fix #29983 Creating a new box library and saving does not add it to user libraries. Fix #23311 Reset View does not work on mac.