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Driver Request Thread for Unsupported Systems [Unofficial]

DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FALURE on Windows 10 Preinstall.

Driver issue

driver issue for printer

driver is unavailable

Drives C and D showing up twice -- as K and L

Drivers for Win 10

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Wdf01000.sys Windows 10 help

Driver working properly but there is no sound output

Driver connection issues

Drivers for Windows 10 on SW5-11-18R3 Audio and Ca.

Drivers for Windows 10

Dreaded Win10 WiFi Issue: Can't enable WiFi after Upgrade

Drivers not up to date Windows 10 Pavilion 15 notebook

drivers for Windows 10 not Windows 7

Driver Issue Windows10

Dragging for Windows maximise

Driving me Crazy. Want apps I click on to come to the front and stay there.

Driver update breaks pc Windows 10

Driver problem with Windows 10

drivers needed before installing Windows 10

driver_irql_not_less_or_equal wfplwfs.sys in Windows 8.1 (BSOD)

Drivers Not Available after system updated HP Envy 15


drivers for window 10 upgrade

Dual boot startup takes long time

Driver irql not less or equal to netio.sys problem

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Windows 7

Drivers needed after Windows 10 clean install on Pavilion g6.

drivers Windows 10

DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE 0x0000009f after sleep

drivers for a new laptop and Windows 7 downgrade

Dual Boot Linux preventing Windows boot

Dual boot to VHD


Dual Boot Problem No. 2

driver_irql_not_less_equal screen

Drivers needed for older devices

Dual Boot Windows 7/ Windows 10 - Tutorials & Partition Setup Help?

dual boot win7/win10 wont boot to win7 anymore +BSOD "memory managemen

Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal BSOD when gaming

Dual boot Windows 10 - usb boot fails

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 10

drivers not working

Dual boot Windows 10 32 bit and Windows 10 64 bit

Dual boot Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Pre.

Dual boot Windows 10 Enterprise and Home

drivers unavailable for Windows 10

Dual monitors not recognized by Winsows 10 - Did work fine yesterday

driver for win 10

Dual installation of Windows 7 and Windows 10

Dual graphics - screen blinking at logon

Dual boot win 7 and 8: Is AHCI necessary?

dv 6700 Windows 10 wifi adapter drops out

Dual Boot Issues

Dual monitor setup on Pavilion 550-100

Dual-Boot 10 and 7

Dual boot setup with pre-installed Windows 10 and cloned Windows 7dows

Dual monitor issues with taskbar/tray icons.

Drives showing in Safetly Remove Hardware


Duplicate Drive Folders in "This PC" I can't delete them

DTS-HD in Windows 8 app - no sound

Dual Windows booting screen not blue (with usable mouse).

Dual Graphics Card Driver Screwup

Dual boot with Windows 10 and 7


Duplicate user name at login

drivers Windows 10 x64

Duplicated user names in C: drive

Drives set to hot swap in BIOS not in Safe To Remove

dvd playback choppy in media center

dv7 Laptop either slow to come up after sleep mode or doesn'.

DV2550ee Display & Audio Drivers Problems

Dual boot Win7 and Win8.1 SysPrep with UEFI GPT Problem

dual booting Windows 7 and 10

During Windows 10 upgrade OS Win 7 and rescue partition were.

Dual Boot Windows 7 with Windows 10

Dual boot Windows 10 & 7

Duplicated Quick Access Folders

dvd plays sometimes - cd plays well

During an upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 my computer went into a loop with a black and blue screen.SR #1345542519.

Dual monitors not recognized by Windows 10 - Did work fine yesterday

DVD/CD drives disappeared after failed free Windows 10 upgrade attempt

DVD/CD Broken By Latest Win 10 Insiders Build

Dual Screen setup a with a phantom third screen

dv7t-7200: Microphone not compatible with Windows 10

DVD writter Windows 10

Duplicate Sign-in options

Dvd burner will not burn in Windows 10

DVD does not AutoPlay

E540 No Internet after latest Windows 10 update

DVDs Won't Play on E550 Thinkpad

DVD-RW not supported in recovery

dual monitor maximize issue

DVD drives disappeared after W10 update

E5430 Wireless 1504 Windows 10 driver problem

Dual booting Windows 8.1 x64 Windows 7 x64. Then added SSD Windows 10 tech preview

e15 completely shuts down without any prompt

E5420 - Windows 10 does not detect microphone - is there a solution?

E560 - TouchPad clicking doesn't work in edges

E6410 slow boot. Flashing cursor. Won't start Windows.


Each time I use Microsoft edge it freezes and Chrome flashes

E5 722 89MU screen keeps blinking

e6430 running Win 10

Duplicate Drive show

Each time I switch on my PC


easy stop Windows 10 upgrade install 8 8.1 7 forced pop up

Dxdiag in error

Dual-boot Windows 8 and Windows 10 but no GUI boot manager

Edge 2 wifi issues after Dec 10 Windows 10 update

E520 slows/black screen after BIOS update. Can I .

Edge and Store not working

Easiest / best way to adjust screen monitors after driver reinstalion

EFI and MSR missing after Win 8.1 clean install

DVD-R burning more then 1 hour Super slow Burning DVD-R

E440 Windows 8.1 PWMTR64V.dll Not Starting

dxgkrnl.sys not loading on bootlog file (4 times)

E460 how to activate Windows 8.1pro

Editing WindowsApps Contents?

Effectiveness of Using PC "Reset" to solve specific issue

Edge and Cortana stopped working after latest update on Oct 16

Edge Laptop loses audio when connected to HDMI mon.

Education vs. Multiple Editions

dvd/cd rom not working after upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

Easiest way to block Windows Updates

Edge Browser Security vs IE's EMET

Elitebook Folio 9470m does not shot down after installation .

Elitebook loading screen flashing on and off

duplicate startup screen for users

Elitebook 2560p after upgrade to Windows 10 hs2340 HSPA+ Mob.

Eliminate Sign On


Elitebook 8440p wifi stopped working after Windows 10 upgrad.

Elan Touchpad: settings program ? disable sensitiv.

Ehstortcgdrv.sys Corrupted. How Do I Fix?

Effective July 29th 2016 Windows 7 sp1 and Windows 8.1 Users Need to Exercise their Windows 10 Upgrade Option for Free.

Edge can't open .pdf files after installing EMET

Eliminate need for sign-in password

E5-474G Intermittend keyboard lag

emachine Windows 10 stretched screen

Email in Win10 Tablet

email problems (Windows mail)

DVD-drive is not working with Windows 10 on Acer A.

Elitebook 840 G3 clean install of Windows 8.1 - how to insta.

Elevate Windows 10 Pro Admin User

Either Windows OR No WiFi for You

email address shows on log in screen

email display problems in Windows Mail

Edge 15 won't boot in Win10 after upgrade

Emsisoft - 2005 Out dated open SSL ?

Eligible to receive one copy of Windows 10

Eliminate Sign in

Enable Numlock on Boot - Z70-80 Windows 10

elitebook 8440p Windows 10 upgrade messes with booting

Emails sometimes go to gmail and not Windows mail

Empty control window after Windows10 update

Empty Start UI tiles

DVD drive lost with Windows 10 Update

Elitebook 2560p after upgrade to Windows 10 docking station .

Empty Drives in Explorer

e-mail support win 8

Email and calendar dont work

Enable NumLock on Start - Windows 10 - Dell Inspiron Desktop

Enabling disabled sound devices

Edge and LastPass

Edge crashes at startup after EMET is installed on Win10 v1607

Empty HDD showing 4GB used (Build 1607)

enabling secure uefi boot Windows 10 dual boot with ubuntu 1.

Enable NumLock on Fast-Startup

Editing Startscrreen/Setting Startscreen Default

Enabling UEFI Mode AFTER clean install of Win10?

Endless boot screen while installing Win 10

Enabled Net User Admin to change an account name - can't change name and now origial login account does not show up

endless updates

Endless blue spinning animation (unresponsive Win Updates)

Elitebook 8560p won't get wifi after Windows 10 upgrade

Enigma_0.76 Spiking CPU on idle Windows 10

Ending Loading After Doing Factory reset

Enable lock screen automatic

Entering Windows 10 version to search brings up dead webpage lol

endless restarting after update

Envy 17T-3000 Backlit Keyboard stuck on dim

Enabled features despite changed settings and regkeys

Endless re-boot problem

Envy 15-j059nr wouldn't boot to Windows after win10 update n.

ENVY 14 Wireless Adapter disables itself?

Envy 17R Windows 8 back to 7?

Emsisoft Internet Security 11 vs. Windows 10 Defender

Epson 7600 Printer Driver for Win 8

English vs English International

Emsisoft Blocking Daum Player

Envy23 Video probles after Windows 10 install

Enabling shutdown sound/turning off fast shutdown?

Endless Reboot after Windows update

ENVY Notebook fingerprint security breach.password can be u.

Envy dv6 BIOS F.2E Rev.A UEFI not working with Windows 10

Envy x2 cannot update PC due to permissions problems

Error (0xc000007b

Error 0xc000014c Cannot boot from any media nor access bios

Erratic Keyboard after upgrade to Windows 10

Error 0x8007054e when adding account to mail or calendar

Error 0xC0000022 while trying to activate

error 0x80190193-0x90017

Error 21 on my computer with Chrome and Windows 10

Envy 13 Encryption

Error 10016 DCOM Local Activation Permission

Error after getting back from Sleep

Erratic computer which has now lost wifi connection.

Error 0x8007025d while trying to restore

Error 0x80070570 updating Win 10

Enable lua problem

error 0x80073712 AGAIN

ERP Software Crashes After 2 Hours

Error Code 0x800706D9 when trying to install apps

Enterprise - Windows Update Rant

Error 0x800f081f when using DISM tool

Envy M6-N012dx fails 8.1 to Win-10 upgrade

envy 20 All-n-1 Win10 After large Update - system no longer .

Error 0x800f081f in Win 10

Endless boot loop after reset

Enable hibernation on 100s

Error bcmwl63a.sys - Computer Restarts

Envy 14: Separate monitor is blank after Win10 upgrade

Error after Windows 10 Anniversary update

error after upgrade to 10

error installing security update

Error launching OpenOffice from mail attachment

Error code: 0xc0000001 is preventing me from being able to boot up after a problem with the Windows 10 upgrade didn't download correctly

error code 0x81000019 when running Windows Backup

Error Code: 80070652

Error Code 0x80070005 Updating App From Windows Store?

Error 0x8000FFFF on Apps after update

Error log bugcheck was: 0x0000009f

error downloading Windows 10 upgrade tool

Error in building OS image using Windows ICD tool with option "Production Media"

Encrypt Hard drive in Windows 10

Error 0xc0000021a - want to reset but Product Key invalid

Error during reset on my All-In-One

error message in mail people and calender apps

Error code 0x80c80442

Error code 0x80070070 when trying to update to Anniversary edition

Error logging on after recent big Windows 10 update

Error when try to install Windows

error message on install of win 10

Error when trying to factory reset?

Error during in-place Upgrade

Error 0x8007025D on clean install of Windows 10

Error 0x80073712

error 0x80073bc3

Error when updating Touchpad driver.

Error when updating to anniversary edition

Error after update.

Error with Microsoft Vista's Ready Boost and USB memory? Cannot disable Ready Boost.

error on Windows 10 update

Error: You need to install at least 2GB RAM (I have 8GB installed)

Errors backing up Windows 10

error ugrading to Windows 10 1511

Error Video and Music Modern UI apps

error-free update to 10 on Windows 7 machine - looking for assistance.

Error log bugcheck was: 0x0000009f when computer slees

Errors after KB3035583 installed

error with Windows 10 and Windows DVD player

Eset Antivirus conflicts with programs?

ESET Smart Security 9 bug

ESET Smart Security 8 & 9 Beta will include Windows 10 support by July 29

Errors while installing Windows 7/10

error code 0x8007064a

Error When Making Recovery Disks

Error when trying to reformat Windows 10

Error activating Win 8 Single Language

Error when upgrading W10 build 10547 to newer builds

ESD-TO-ISO Won't Work in Win8 Pro: Try It 4 Me?

Errors when shutting down

error code: 0x80630203

Ethernet connection issues

Ethernet adaptor Issue

ESD \ ISO for 14332

Even After Updates Still Unusable

Ethernet Connection Problems

Even having enough space for Windows 10

ESET 8 New Gui? Shown on FB's ESET Page

Error occurs when i try to create a recovery disk?

ethernet problem

Eset v9 is released

Even With Telemetry Disabled

Even after reviews: Windows cannot find. shell:sendto

Ethernet and Wifi not working after restart

Ethernet Bridge wont work

Errors opening Task Scheduler on Windows 10

ethernet sharing bridge

Error using UEFI and bootable USB Windows 10 ISO:

Ethernet probles

evaluation copy expires july 16th 2016.will we have to pay per year.

event viewer in laptop keeps popping up after Windows 10 updates

Error while installing Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

Even without Windows 10

Event ID: 41 Kernel-Power on GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5

Ethernet adapter issue

Ever since anniversary update

Error 80070005 so no win 10 upgrade for me

Ethernet/Network Adapters disappear after using Windows to repair problem

Ethernet Driver Not Working After Win10 Installation

Ethernet network between 3 Windows 10 PCs problem

Excess hard disk activity - another take

Exact Cost to Upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro?

Event Viewer Errors after Anniversary Update

Ethernet/Wifi keeps dropping since upgrading to Windows 10 on Inspiron 7537

Everything got re-sized when I set my PC to Duplicate mode

explorer crash-restart-loop

explore.exe/ntdll.dll crashes

Explorer crashes on desktop right click after NV driver update

explorer button vanished

Event Logg Errors - Causing Computer Freeze Up

EULA on the Windows 8 Pro installation disk.

Eudora 7 fails to load in Win10

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) client for Windows 8?

EXE setup file wont load

error codes window 10

Explorer hangs for 10 secs when desktop wallpaper changes

Explorer showing removable drives twice

Explorer Shows D:\Users\OneDrive instead of D:\Users\Chad

Exiting PXE Boot - changed ACHI to IDE and now won't boot

EventID 10016 - NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM - name not found

everything asks for permission

Explorer crashing randomly on folder/file selection

Every time i try to cennect router restars

Expand navigation pane tree when clicked?

Explorer Taskbar Problems

Explorer Lags in certain folders

Ethernet does not want to connect

Everytime I want to update the late Windows

Explorer.exe unknown crash problem Win8

explorer update problem after system restore

External drives shown twice in File Explorer

Explorer.exe use too much ram on my win10

Extended Screen Resolution Problem following 1607 update

Excessive bandwidth usage since installing Windows 10 Pro

Explorer.exe crashing event 1000

Exact time when upgrade to Windows 10 is no longer free?

Ethernet Problems

Ethernet stopped working?

Explorer process loses icons and funtionality

Explorer.exe taskbar restarts

Explorer.exe closed systematically after upgradin.

Explore Resources Crashing Suddenly

explorer crashes when doing file management.

external DVD stopped working with Windows 10 update

Export Windows mail

explorer.exe creshing(restarting) after several seconds.

exit magnifier program

Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 file reader for Windows

explorer.exe uses all virtual memory

Expiring date after upgrading to Windows 10

External Hard drive formatted / deleted while installing Windows 10

Explorer.exe keeps restarting and there is always a BSOD

Explorer quits when opening Windows folder

Extra personal shell folders

External hard drive crashing after updating to Windows 10

Extreme lag after installing amd driver in Windows 10

Extract emails and contacts from Windows 10 Mail App

Extreme slow rebooting speed after Windows update

Extra free space after installing Win 8 Pro 64-bit

EXE program suddenly on desktop

External monitor not found after Win 10 update

explorer.exe crashing persistently

External and Internal microphone getting muted by Bang and O.

Excessive RAM usage

Factory restore hangs.

external usbs listed twice

Extract qualifying Windows 7 product key after W10 clean install

Extremely tired of Windows 8 explorer freezing

Failed Annniversary Upgrade did NOT restore my previous version OK

Failed Annniversary Upgrade did restore my previous version OK

Factory settings with keeping D drive?

Facebook App opens & closes on Anniversary update Version 1607

Extensa 5235 touchpad suddenly fails in win 10

Experts needed to complete win10 single language.

Factory Reset To 8.1 from 10 Now Cant Log In

Factory Image Restore Option Missing After BCDEDIT Windows 10 Home 64

F5 VPN Client not working in Windows 10

Facing Issues with Google Chrome in Windows 10

Failed installation of Win10 using Recovery and Restore

fail to download Window 10

failed to upgrade to Windows 10

Extremely slow WiFi speeds - Windows 8.1 on Lenovo

Failed to upgrade to Windows 10 Due to error 80070003.

Extremely slow wake and start up times

Failures that Come and Go with WIN 10

Explorer.exe association error opening network PC

Failure of tags in Windows Vista Photo Screensaver

failed to update Windows 10

failed update removal

Failed Windows 10 Download

Failed to Upgrade my Dell Inspiron to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with Included Disc

Failed updates

Extremely slow startup time and SSD benchmark is terrible

Failed Cumulative Update KB3194496

Fail to modify BCD

Failure in Sysprep building install image

f162dx screen flickers

Explorer.exe using 6 GB of RAM.

Factory reset to Windows 8.1 and cannot get back my Windows 10

Failing to install the anniversary (1607) update on a 15-ac1.

Failed: Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise

Fan always full speed - L702X

Family members PC

Failure to log into MS Window Live (2nd email)

Fan runs continuously after Windows 10 upgrade

Factory reset my Windows 10 ASUS

Failed update from 8.1 to 10

Factory Reset Failed

External HDD showing twice in file explorer

fake Microsoft person changed admin password computer now lo.

Favorite bar icons changed save order after TH2 update - Help

Feature update to Windows 10

External Microphone with Windows 10 Not Working

Factory Reset to get back to Windows 8 from Windows 10

Extract a .WIM from an .ESD?

FFXI-Playonline viewer keeps crashing

few problems with update vista servpac2 would Windows 7 fix it?

Fax setup not responding after Windows 10 upgrade

Facebook app for Windows 10 keeps crashing

Extra Partitions on My Laptop

Fault in nonpaged area when using Utorrent

Few issues upon Installing Windows 10

Failed factory reset

Failed update "Upgrade to Windows 10 Home"

Fast accessing Paint

expolorer problem/ restarting loop

Failure of Windows-10 Update at 40% After 1511 Update

File History - System Image Backup Failure

File Explorer shows too many drives

File explorer - phone folders all treated as music folders

File explorer slow in opening folder with shortcuts

File Open\Windows Explorer Shortcut Problems

File Explorer > Open With > remove Windows Store & Metro apps?

File Explorer Organization Issue

File browser crash.

File renaming issues

File Explorer hangs up

File Explorer keeps crashing

File History Choose Drive Issue after Anniversary Upgrade

File Explorer Problem

Failure to restore the laptop to factory settings

File Explorer jumplist showing Frequent not Recent

File Explorer crashing every time it is tried to open

File Explorer Folder Restore?

File Explorer Folder and File Options

File sharing with password protection from Windows 8

File explorer freezes when saving a document

File Sharing Between XP/Vista

Fans loud at idle on new Windows 10 machine

File Explorer wacked out? Wuuuut?

Family Safety: Prevent Application Launches?

File Explorer - Some ribbon buttons do not work?

File Explorer Gets New Icon in Windows 10

factory image restore Windows 10

Favorites (from XP) need to be re-imported after update

Feature update to Windows 10 Education


Films and TV app Micro Freezing when moving cursor

Final Fantasy 11 / PoL Crash

file explorer shows usb drive twice

files lost HELP needed re upgrade to win 10 and up.

File sharing from Vista laptop to new Win 8.1 laptop

Files represented as shortcuts - Windows 10

File Directory location where PIN is saved

Final Thoughts on Windows 8. Four days of pain and I am out.

File Sharing Between XP and Vista

Fingerprint Windows 10

Failed Windows 10 setup on refurbished computer

Fingerprint not connected after KB3124263 update

File History and System Image Backup?

FIX - Windows 10 auto-hide taskbar problem

finding latest versions of Win files

File explorer (build 1607) doesn't show all computers on main screen

Finding corrupt file in an Windows 8.1 Update installation

Finger Scan not working after Windows 10 and have forgotten .

File size refresh in folders

Finger print doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10

File explorer not refreshing after deleting files in search

Fingerprint reader does not work in Windows 10

Fix Solution to the BEATS drivers issue sounds really bad. A.

Fix for - Cannot access NAS Drives

Fijitsu ScanSnap S1300i not working on latest version of Win 10

find Windows 10 difficult to use

file system of Win 7 is not incompatibale with Win10

fingerprint reader Windows 10

Files takes more than a minute to open?

Finding programs and creating shortcuts

Fix required for slow startup of Windows 10

fix button won't bring up screen

Finger print reader not working after window 10 upgrade

Fixing the WIA

File transfer error and lag 0x8007003B

Fixing an inadvertent dual boot of Windows 10

files created on win 7 data drive not seen on win 8

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