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Draft fails the work of app

Drivers stop Touchpad from functioning.

Dual Screen Problem

Dual screen problems

Dual Monitor issue

dvd inop

DVD RW not working with os but will with 3rd party

DVI-D not working

E 11 Touchpad scrolling issue with Final Draft

e220s Microphone not working

E555 - Keyboard not working on Lenovo Laptop.

E5-573-38UQ touchpad not working

E7440: Audio Jack does not detect any plugging in anymore

Dvd player not working.

E50 Touchpad sticking randomnly

EagleGet Free Downloader not working in Chrome

E11 wireless not working

Earphones Not Working on Laptop?

easycam not working in skype

E5-573G Certain function keys stopped working

E530 - strange keyboard malfunction

elit book 810 keyboard not working

Elan touchpad not working properly after win10 upg.

ELAN Smart-Pad doesn't work on 64 bit

easy camera and Windows 10

Email button in toolbar does nothing

ELAN touchpad ("Lenovo pointing device") 2-finger .

Email notification on lock screen

elitebook folio 9480m USB ports not recognizing what I plug .

email not working

Embedded links in Edge

Email links not hyperlinked. why?

Elan Touchpad tapping function not working on Aspi.

Email Link Doesn't Open Required Browser Page

Enter key not working on HP Probook

Encoder on mouse not working

ENVY 360 speakers and headp-jack not working

Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard volume keys not working in Windows 8

entire keyboard stopped working

Envy 15t Win10 Headphone Jack not working

Enable touchpad in Z510

Errors when running Bluetooth related code on hp laptop

Ethernet Broken (DHCP problem?)

Ethernet driver-problem

Ethernet and WiFi don't work most of the time?

Ethernet wont be detected and when I check drivers I'm missi.

Erratic mouse and keyboard when used through dock

excessive number of PCs with "Windows failed to start" status: 0xc000000e

Excel not responding. Trying to format a column of phone numbers.

Ethernet not working - need to re-enable

External DVD RW Not Working

Ethernet port not working

Ethernet lan port problem

Ethernet Not Working

External USB Keyboard Problem

External Speakers randomly stop working when connected to th.

External speakers don't work with laptop

F2 and F3 keys are not working

f2 and f3 for brightness control not working

external mouse won't work

F Keys stopped working

F11 and F12 keys stopped working

f11 doesn't work

F1-F12 Wont Work

F8 not working for safe mode ?

F3 key not working on HP ac123 tx

F5-571 - My touchpad has a) stopped working and b).

f6 mute key not working

f2 and f12 not working

f2 and f3 brightness keys not working

F11 KEY not function properly

f2 and f3 not working.

Facing issues with keyboard of my laptop

F8 not working and cant get to start menu

Facebook Problem

F2 key does not get me into the BIOS Acer 5742g

Factory USB problems?

Fingerprint reader not working after hibernate

finger printer not working after install clean win.

fingerprint scanner not working anymore

Fingerprint reader doesn't work after reset

Finger print sensor not working

fingerprint on ThinkPad P50 not working

finger print scanner not working

fingerprint scanner not working

Fingerprint sensor isn't working

finger print not working

flex 2 14 keyboard not working

Fingerprint Reader not working / no longer recogni.

Fingerprint not working.

Fix for Mouse not scrolling in start menu

first factory recover disc is not bootable

Finger Scanner Not Working

Fn+brightness key not working

fn keys not working

FN keys not working & closing the lid does nothing.

Flash screen keyboard & mouse not working

fn key not working for adjusting the screen brightness

flex 15 keyboard and touchpad suddenly not working.

Fn + F3 not working in E5-473G-32HE.

FN keys doesn't work to reduce brightness

FN Keys not working - Lenovo Settings error

Fn keys on laptop not functioning correctly

FN/volume control stopped working

fn key hotkeys not working after upgrading to Windows 10

FN keys on laptop respond but dont change brightness

Fn+F7 hotkey not working

Fn not working plz help

fn+brightness not working on Windows 8.1 on M6600

FN not working

Fn key stopped working after cleaning out laptop r.

Fn + F buttons not working

Folio 9470m Touchpad Not Working

Flex 3 -1470 Touchpad and keyboard not working at .

FN + Function keys are not working

finger sensor not working

Fn keys not working to control brightness

Forcepad not working

Flex 15 numeric keypad won't work

FN + Function Keys don't work

Flick gestures of three fingers stop working suddenly.

Freedom's security configuration

FN Keys Volume Not working

Free cell sound not working


Front Left speaker not working correctly in 5.1 speaker configuration

Freedos Y700 15ISK - win 7 does not recognize usb .

Function Key not working on ProBook 450 G3

Function keys - F2 and F3 not working.

Front Panel Mic jack doesn't work

FUNCTION KEYS stop working on my brand new ENVY 17 inches No.

Frozen keyboard and mouse at login screen

Function Keys: No Dim

Function Key not support

Function key F2 & F3 are not working

Function keys not working

Front&Rear Audio jacks not working

Functions keys randomly stopped working

Front camera working but main (rear) camera is not

Function Keys stopped


G40-70 Brightness buttons (F11 and F12) don't work

G40-70 touchpad not working

Front USB port on HP desktop has stopped working

g50-70 touchpad/scroll?

Function Keys not working on Ideapad Y580 after up.

G50-80 No internet No USB

Function Keys f1 - f12 are not working

Function keys for Brightness control (F11

G570 Sound card in not working

G510 brightness keys issue win10

G50 will not output video to hdmi connected monito.

Function shortcut keys stopped working on HP OMEN

Functions on my mousepad has stoped working. Help

Function keys are not working

Game not working

G50-80 mic doesn't work

g6 not working after updates i left hp on

G50-80 Touch- Touch Screen isn't working

gamepads not working

G70 G50 camera is not working on skype / facebook

function buttons on travelmate p253-E not working?.

G530 fn+f5 not working

gaming mouse not responding

Gestures not working in dell inspiron 1545

Google Instant Not Working On Chrome

Gestures on touch pad stops working often.

GPO Mapped network Drives mapping in Win 10 but not Win 7

Google drop-down search menu not working in Firefox 4

H50-50 - New Monitor Not working via HDMI

h and g keys not working on keyboard

half of my keyboard is dead

Hands free mode Windows 8.1 Lenovo Z580 not working

Having problems with replacement screen

having trouble while playing games

hd cam not working

Having issues w/ Triple Monitor Setup (DisplayPort issue?)

Having mic trouble

HDMI output doesnt work

HDMI not recognized

HDMI driver not working

Having trouble changing Realtek HD audio to 5.1 speaker configuration

HDMI output not working.

HDMI connection stopped working

Hdmi connections are not working for anything

HDMI Output Problem

HDMI and TV not connecting

HDMI out stopped working

HDMI has stopped working

HDMI Display Not Working

HDMI port not active

Headphone not detected on HP Envy x360

HDMI Audio Issue

HDMI to TV on XPS 13: not working

Headphones not working

hdmi problem

HDMI Not Working

HDMI port O and 1 not working with display

HDMI Port stopped working (X1 Carbon)

Headphone port on OneLink+ not working

Headphone is not working in Lenovo z460 ideapad i5

Headphone Mic Problem Please Help

Headphones not working on HP Envy x360

Headphones not working on Windows vista? try this

HDMI laptop to TV not working

Headphones Not Working When Plugged In

hdmi lead not working

HDMI port not recognised

HDMI doesn't work

Headset Issue

Headphones are not working

HDMI to Diplayport video issue

Headset Mic Not Working

headphones wont work on brand new laptop.speaker is fine

HDMI to Displayport video issue

HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3

Headset not working in rear Panel

HDX16 Touch Pad Problems

Headset problems

Helix Digitizer Pen Not Working

Headset problems (help please)

HDMI not working after connecting to a tv

Headset not functioning.

HDMI port no longer working in Thinkpad W530


HDMI is not regonise when connected

HDMI input port not working

HDMI port is not working

Help in working with desktops and icons

help how get i in bios. f10 not working what now

HELP Dell keybioard not recognised

Help TouchPad isnt working no matter what i tried.

Headset Microphone not working

HELP Laptop keyboard not working


help me some keys are not working on my keyboard Windows 8

HELP. anyone know aware about that

Help PLEASE--loading recovery disc

Help With Microphone Please

Help: audio stops working after a while

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