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Home > Headphone Jack > Earphone Pin Got Broken And Struck Into Laptop Earphone Sock.

Earphone Pin Got Broken And Struck Into Laptop Earphone Sock.


tan luc thank a lot. I have gone through 4 pairs of headphones and one refurb 3gs and was considering buying the 4gs because of the problem. akhil the problem with my laptop is while talking suddenly the outgoing voice got stoped . Michael Byers Wow. have a peek here

I just came home with the same problem and you're the first hit in google.   I'm unlocked and jailbroken and thought it may have been a Cydia app or settings Guest Thats pretty crazy Gary finding a piece stuck down there lol Glad u got ur phone/headphones working better! After the 3rd spring is cleared, the broken tip falls out and you experience a great feeling of well-being! All because I washed a pair of jeans with tissue in the pocket which got in the mic jack lol. useful source

Headphone Jack Broke Off In Computer

i even had blown out my headphone jack with an airduster. This is because my earphones pin broken and got struck into laptop earphone socket.Due to this neither I am not able to put new ear phones in to the laptop nor Thanks for posting this. Gustavo That was the problem with my headphones too!

Thank you!!! By metarie in forum Apple Notebooks Replies: 0 Last Post: 07-12-2009, 09:59 PM Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments same here!! How To Remove Broken Headphone Jack From Phone Can't thank you enough.

Worked right away.. How To Get A Broken Headphone Jack Out Of A Laptop Blackshit88 this works! Mchewy This was a great article. glad i only bought those really cheap headphones..

Please Help Michael Thank you so much!! How To Disable Headphone Jack On Mac Harss Ca THANKS man 🙂 u solved my problem Test don't believe this. If it fell with enough force to snap a headphone jack, it could have been alot worse for the MB. Mchewy This was a great article.

How To Get A Broken Headphone Jack Out Of A Laptop

Thanks! Gary Cheers Jesus! Headphone Jack Broke Off In Computer i could hear other people and listen to music. Headphone Jack Broke Off In Macbook sav I saw this posting and laughed when i saw the ball of fluff but guess what i pulled out of my iphone???

I used a pin and it worked a treat (wifes hair clip was too blunt). very much for the post alfadur Can't believe this worked. I think the cold has permanently damaged the button somehow. now the mike is not working.but can hear the incoming clearly. Headphone Jack Broke In Laptop No Sound

xD Fafd thank you !!!  mine was more like a little bit of toilet paper..maybe from carrying tissue in my bag…. Uh-Freaking-Mazing! Rajesham Rajanna Mic and sound not cleare devlin3x Great idea.I just wanna thank you very much. LOL issie Nice to know:) issie Nice to know:) harry Wow, i was going to toss my headphones b/c i thought they were busted….the mic/remote party anyway!

Etienne THANKS !!!!!!!!!! 2 Apple store genius were not able to do anything for me !! Griffin Imic Usb Adaptor The sidebar size is medium. Thanks Thank you!!!!

Called Rogers iPhone support and after trying a million unrelated things they replacement my phone.

Rrksd1 Hi, It helped me a lot. decided to take a pin and see whats in there.. The people who don't seem to be particularly perturbed by this potential development are headphone makers themselves. Broken Headphone Jack Removal Tool The buttons haven't worked for 6 months, and I've lately been debating calling Apple and telling them my phone is faulty.

Sometimes, it won't respond to multiple click commands and it appears to be getting worse some how. My earbud controls stopped working and after purchasing 2 different types, I realized it was something wrong with my iPhone. Bals Thank you so much for posting this…it really worked.I bought a new pair of headset…now I need to return them. I just pulled a big iPhone out of a ball of lint that was in another iPhone!

free at last you are GOD! And thanks google.. The fix is so simple!! Neat.

Once that had dried overnight I was able to pull out the nail with the broken jack attached. Hyrexon Great tip…..thanks. Thank you! SJ Dude Unbelievable.

Perhaps if the new ones are any good, I will purchase a pair… although who knows what a poor music student will be able to afford in a years time…. :O imagine buying myself thos mega expansive ones n still couldnt get it to thanks man!! I had exactly the same problem and you saved from sending my iphone for repair! Jan Has anyone else noticed that the cord freezes in rather mild temperatures, and that the reliability of the mic remote decreases?

Gary BOOM! 🙂 Thanasis Great!