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Eventviewer Logged Time Is Different To Actual Event For Sleep / Wake Events?


Most of these options are also available after a right-click on the WakeupOnStandBy icon on the system tray (next to the Windows clock) after schedule in it is set. All rights reserved. What to do?0Windows 7 wakes immediately from sleep - no wake history1PC keeps waking up from hybrid standby0Two PCs waking up by themselves at night Hot Network Questions How can I INFORMATION: This command can be also accessed via the Ctrl+3 keyboard shortcut while WakeupOnStandBy window is up on the screen and has the keyboard focus. his comment is here

In some cases a program that runs after system wakes up may require command line parameters. To obtain additional information click "Wake Devices" button at the bottom of the window: The following will be retrieved: INFORMATION: Administrative rights are required to execute this command. This leaves the scheduled task in place and, if your PC is awake, Windows will run the task. Thanks.

Hibernate Event Id

Documents, Pictures, Music Clips, Video Clips and other files - use the "..." search button on the right side of the file box to locate these files. RSS ALL ARTICLES FEATURES ONLY Search How to Prevent Your Computer From Waking Up Accidentally Putting your PC to sleep is a great way to save energy while still making sure INFORMATION: This option can be set up to make WakeupOnStandBy wait before connection(s) are fully repaired, or to repair only specific connection(s). To make WakeupOnStandBy program wait for as long as needed, specify -1 in this field.

  • To repeat the tasks in items (1) through (3) first check the appropriate weekdays in item (4), or click the "All" button to select (or de-select) all weekdays.
  • Fore more information see "Supported File Types" below.
  • For example, drivers were being installed, startup programs were being initialized, and the SuperFetch cache was being built.
  • B.
  • When this option is checked, the waiting period in item (3) begins right after completion of all the operations specified in items (1) and (2); but if it is unchecked, the

You have to choices for stopping this: you can disable that specific wake timer, or disable all wake timers. WARNING: Overlapping schedules may adversely affect and in some circumstances even deadlock your computer! Dividing by 1,000 tells me that it took around 67 seconds to boot up. Powercfg Fore more information see "Supported File Types" below.

If you do turn off Windows' ability to wake your PC to run maintenance tasks, you should still let it run those maintenance tasks occasionally. Windows Sleep Event Id What inactivates pepsin in infants? If you're using a desktop PC, you'll only see one setting under the "Allow wake timers" entry, as in this example. INFORMATION: Internet connection is required to open an Internet resource.

Once removed the Event Log File could not be restored. "Log file max size" - specifies the maximum allowed size of the Event Log File. Please use this option before you contact our tech support to resolve any issues with the software. If the Wake Source says something like "Device-HID-Compliant Mouse (or Keyboard)," that indicates the PC is configured for key presses and mouse movements to wake it. You should see one of the following popup context menus: From the WakeupOnStandBy's main window From the WakeupOnStandBy's system tray icon The following options are available: "Restore Window"

Windows Sleep Event Id

In case Sleep/Hibernation/Shut-down/Log-off is not required, check "Simply wait" box and provide the time period to keep screen on. Here are the contents of the script Get-SleepInfo.ps1: param($Newest = 50) function Parse-EventLogEntry { param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0, ValueFromPipeline=$true)] [System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntry[]] $eventInfo ) Process { foreach ($info in $eventInfo) { $enterSleep = [DateTime]::Parse($info.ReplacementStrings[0]); Hibernate Event Id In this case, when powered on, WakeupOnStandBy will skip to the next scheduled event. Event Id 42 The System Is Entering Sleep There doesn't seem to be a trigger "On waking from sleep", but you can probably use the “On Event” trigger.

Does the laptop ban in cabin luggage from middle eastern airports impact connecting flights A law against selling any house cheaper than it was bought for, what consequences would that have? this content Note that this behavior is different from previous versions of WakeupOnStandBy and is Operating System specific. At the time scheduled in the item (1), or 2. An occasional degradation is pretty normal; however, if you find that a particular application is being reported on a regular basis or has a large degradation time, chances are that there Wake Source Unknown

As such, you may want to look for an updated version, uninstall and reinstall the application, uninstall and stop using the application, or maybe find an alternative. (In the case of While you'll likely want some devices (like your keyboard) and some scheduled tasks to be able to wake up your PC, it's good to know that you have some tools for The various 'uptime' methods (sysinfo, uptime.exe, Task Manager, etc) will show the time since the last full boot, which means time spent sleeping is factored in. weblink In case you have more than one Windows user account set up or if the screensaver is protected by a password, WakeupOnStandBy won't be able to display a user's desktop.

They are important tasks to have run periodically, but if  you'd prefer that Windows not wake your PC to do it, you can turn that setting off. This will make WakeupOnStandBy run in Repetitive Mode, or reside in memory after successful completion of the current task and reschedule itself for another day. Last Wake Source - additional information about the source of the last wake event.

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To do so, hit Start, type "command," and when you see the Command Prompt app, right-click it and choose "Run as administrator." In the Command Prompt window, type the following command More Tab "Max number of entries in the drop-down file helper boxes" - allows to specify the maximum number of entries in the drop-down helper boxes used in the items (2) If 'Yes' is selected, the WakeupOnStandBy schedule will be canceled and, if specified earlier, the Repetitive Mode removed. when date is specified), or otherwise relative, or use the time only. (See description of the date and time command line parameters below for more info.) INFORMATION: Running a batch file

It may be required later on in case the issue recurs. The only event that gets fired is Kernel-General with ID 1. –anno Apr 4 '12 at 12:53 This doesn't seem to work when the laptop power cable is unplugged The source information usually includes some indication about the task that woke the PC. check over here If they don't, the WakeupOnStandBy program will issue a warning before schedule is set.

To enable, or disable a specific wake device, copy & paste its name from the "Wake Devices" report above into the window at the bottom, select the action from the drop-down INFORMATION: In case specified time period elapses, the WakeupOnStandBy program will continue with the next task even if network connection(s) are not repaired. "Network adapter(s) to wait for connection to Is Pathfinder feasible without players knowing the rules? Read FAQ section for more information.

If specifying a file, you may click the "..." button on the right-hand side to select it from a helper dialog box, or drag it in from another window, from your You don’t need to read through or attempt to understand everything going on in the log. There are several meta symbols that can be used in the command line parameters to enable synchronization: #DATE# - will be replaced with the current date at the moment of execution INFORMATION: WakeupOnStandBy program does not collect your personal information in the Event Log File.

When you open the Diagnostics-Performance branch, select the Operational check box, as shown in Figure A. Disable Wake Timers and Scheduled Tasks The other thing that can wake your PC is a scheduled task. Figure H Event ID 106 indicates that a background optimization operation took longer to complete. Some scheduled tasks--for example, an antivirus app that schedules a scan--can set a wake timer to wake your PC at specific time to run an app or command. To see a list

This situation is quickly fixed with a little tweak to the scheduled task to a) not wake the computer and b) change the trigger to a time the computer is likely When you do, you'll see a complete history of every time you have booted your system since the day you installed Windows 7. INFORMATION: A non-fixed drive is any location other than your local hard drive (example: USB jump drive, DVD, or a network drive.) WARNING: It is strongly recommended to run WakeupOnStandBy program A friend mentioned that his one-year-old Windows 7 system was taking much longer to boot than it used to.

For details view our screencast explaining the bug submission process. Start the Command Prompt by hitting Start, typing "command," and then selecting the "Command Prompt" app.