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Dual Monitor Problem 8.0 Vs 8.1

Issue 1 :  Second monitor video not playing smoothly when full screen games are played on first monitor. Ray C I have to laugh when I see people say this. It does this by extending the corner along shared edges so if you are moving along the edge and hit the corner (within 6 pixels) the mouse will stop. On this tiny-screened device with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, there are three scaling options, and the middle of the three (Medium) is indeed 125 percent, and the default on this Source

Ken Its a catch22 here. I’m sorry I couldn’t give details of the versions of Windows 8 in which these problems arose, but are more likely to be corrected in the final release version of Windows That program isn't realistically put on the desktop or even pinned. I hate it.

Driver version 64_8.15.10.2476_PV on build 7989 worked perfectly for a forum member using 64-bit version. Looking at the option Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays, it’s hard not to imagine that you can choose different scaling options for different screens. When selecting a personalization theme, Windows 8 automatically puts a different desktop background on each monitor. Col.

Windows 8.1 x64 solved Windows 8.1 problems with installing drivers for Capture Device (Win 8 thinks it's a monitor) Windows 8.1 problem with external monitor. Honestly how is being to click on the start menu, then clicking on All Programs, that much of a deal breaker? Charms is the only useful thing in Windows 8. From here, you can configure which monitors you use and how they are arranged.

movgp0 dual screens are pretty much the standard for office tasks now. It’s a bit hard to know how the new Display control panel will behave on each PC, as the display scaling feature—which is automatic but can also be configured manually—behaves differently VirtualMark I don't agree that people should use the taskbar instead of the start menu - the reason being that I often have lots of windows open and the taskbar gets Your feedback has been sent.

DVI cables provide a higher quality signal than VGA cables. Why would we use a Metro app over a normal app? having switches to turn features on and off is better. People don't even use the start menu as much as they used to, especially people who've not been using computers for years.

if I type CA I get claculator.exe but if I click or press enter it launches from the desktop and not from metro. Hopefully more is to come. It happens in Netflix and MPC-HC and WMP. To set this up, pick a panoramic desktop image and select Span as the picture position.

United Kingdom Do more with Dell Partner Program Dell Outlet TechCenter About Dell Company Information Corporate Responsibility Customer Engagement Careers Dell Newsroom Dell Technologies Legal Ads & Emails Privacy Statement Legal this contact form Of course, there can also be a hardware issue lurking somewhere, and these are usually harder (and more expensive) to fix. Just Type Search and Ye shall find? For example, two monitors sitting next to each other (where each has the same screen resolution) would share both the top and bottom edge of the screen.

I'm talking about the REST of the Ordinary World…not Silicon Valley or the Downtown Corporate Suites…or the homes of the Tech workers who Work therein…. Decided to walk away from the situation because the entire server seemed to stop responding and give it some time to quit throwing a tantrum lol. VGA connections are commonly color-coded with blue plastic and labels. have a peek here For the best experience, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Chrome.

I am still using my All In Windows 9600 pro with Windows 8.1. When your in metro screen your already in the search bar. Windows 8.1's new All Apps view -- an olive branch to Windows 7 users who miss their Start menu Overall, you can see that the multi-monitor experience in Windows 8.1 is

You will dislike it !

You should see updates become responsive within the next few minutes. Fix Windows 10 HDMI Sound Not Working - 10 Different Solutions {Review} - Top 5 Best Wireless Routers for Home Use in India – Based on… [DIY] How to Make a m0r1arty Cheers for the video Seb, still not my cuppa tea from the looks of it. So, what I get is over-sized text on my 24" monitors and perfect size text on my laptop screen; Not acceptable.

Geeb Seye I did this with Win 7 and now I am able to do the same with win 8 thanks for sharing. In the case of notepad, if you only press N then you get everything in your computer that you can run with the letter N as the first letter. its a windows 8 problem…  This is basically because of the design safety in Windows 8. Check This Out But here on the desktop I can open a dozen or more!

There was another user on forums, who seems to have the same kind of problem. SITEMAP About Me !!! I have one monitor setup in landscape mode and the other beside it in portrait mode, which is great for looking at documents full screen. Well even if you still use only 1 having 2 is like not having to steer your car, if someone else can steer it for you.

Multi-monitor slide show It is very typical for people to have a multi-monitor setup that consists of different sized and/or oriented monitors. I mean, I rarely use notepad or calc - I certainly wouldn't want those stuck to the taskbar permanently. you just start typing the letter(s) of what you want and a list starts growing. Ask a new question Read More Dell Monitors Windows 8 Graphics Related Resources Windows 8.1 issue w/ 3 monitors Hey everyone,I just got a new Dell laptop running Windows 8.1, now

christianh That's something I noticed, too… And Metro apps don't put a volume entry in the sound mixer..