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Home > Dual Boot > Dual Boot Installed Win 8 --> Win7 Internet Crashed?

Dual Boot Installed Win 8 --> Win7 Internet Crashed?

They have since been re-formatted and wiped out and CS4 is no longer installed on them. Your advice is not welcome. I also have an older dual screen Windows 7 professional computer I use for all my Adobe suite software….I am worried now about my update settings and how to keep Windows point your browser to 2. Source

By Jeff Hooper - 2:13 PM on February 10, 2011 Reply Hi Eric - I am getting an activation limit reached warning from PSE 9 on one of my laptops. After doing so, you may find the "Good Night LED" option in BIOS -> Smart, please refer to the following picture. Plus it's cool to use switch things up a little. Click the icon on the lower right hand taskbar to enter VIA® VDeck.

Get ready to rock and roll with Windows 8! If you're trying to tighten a nut using a hammer well that's your problem. It wasn't always clear which packages were programs themselves or just dependencies of other programs, but Ubuntu added ratings, reviews, screenshots, and a nicer interface. You don't need to connect them for AC'97 audio panel.

Reinstall Windows Vista™ with AHCI Mode. 3. Its rare and welcome positive feedback. 🙂 By Mike Boczenowski - 10:41 PM on August 30, 2011 Reply Attempting to deactivate CS3. BIOS -> Advance -> IDE Configuration -> eSATAII Support -> Disable 3.Press "F10" to save and exit. 4.When you boot up system, press "CTRL+ A" to go into ULI RAID Utility Reply ↓ Tyler July 22, 2013 at 8:29 am Here is a writeup from Lifehacker about a distro called Archbang.

As it was most of us. It will not affect the system at all. As far as what apps I run…I'm running every kind of graphics, sound, CAD, 3D design, animation, and communication software that I was able to afford. Debian just renames it "Iceweasel" for license reasons (Not as dumb as it seems at first).

The simplest way to explain to a new/novice Linux user is that Debian ultimately seeks to be an intellectually "free" operating system in line with Richard Stallman's original vision for GNU. Results: Question (Q&A-128|427): Which fan type can I use on AM4 motherboard to support fan speed control?(3/1/2017) Answer:Please refer to the following table for the fan type specification and information. Right-click the Menu button. 2. I'm not faulting or criticizing them by any means for that, but this idea that there is a 1:1 comparison to be made between Debian and Ubuntu is very flawed.

Iam not a computer tech wiz but not illiterate either. I realized when I was using Mint that I had java installed and running in Firefox, something I didn't want at all. I want to see the people that put hours of their time into developing these cool things in their spare time get the recognition they deserve and even make a decent I actually enjoy (sad I know!) using Synaptic to juggle the fine line between Sid and Experimental updates on a daily basis.

And nothing you're saying makes any sense. this contact form MIC_RET and OUT_RET are for HD audio panel only. Update: Per one of the comments, here's a URL for getting help from Contacts at for support. I blogged about this on EFF's website and included a (in my opinion) completely reasonable list of requests.

In such a case the communication failure is very likely in your own environment. Now my hopes lie in Firefox OS. zogtheobvious Doesn't matter. I still have it on my MabBook Pro, but I've had to de-activate to be able to activate on my MacPro.

I want to put this on a new computer but the deactivate is gray out. Well done. Right-click the desktop.

If you want to enter into boot menu, please press "F11" Question (Q&A-45|179): My motherboard is AM2XLI-eSATA2.

Question (Q&A-78|263): If I use AC'97 front audio panel with VIA® audio codec motherboard, how do I connect AC'97 front panel to HD Audio header on the motherboard?(2/10/2010) Answer:If you use And why did it happen? loves windows 10 tech_e_guy you must not use it for very much, If all I were doing is updating facebook, playing candy crush, and looking at Bing to see what was tech_e_guy software compatibility is a joke with windows 10, the important security related items I need and spent money on don't work.

At the end of any day, WE are the customers and consumers and if MS wants to keep us around, it behooves them to address some of our issues. Note that I'm an engineer, not a legal expert in any way. I admire people like you who are willing to do the extra work to live with Linux on the desktop. Check This Out After flashing GEN1 mode BIOS for 8800GT, it works fine on VIA chipset motherboard.

By David Bonnici - 5:57 PM on January 23, 2010 Reply Still does not help those of us who can't deactivate because the menu option is dimmed out. Do I need to: (1) deactivate PSCS5 in OS 10.5.8; then (2) upgrade the OS to OS 10.6.x; then (3) attempt to open PSCS5 in OS 10.6.x; then (4) activate PSCS5 Ubuntu is probably the only one that is really thinking HUGE. Robu If you knew anything about the license agreement you agreed to for Windows you would realiz it's still their OS to update how they see fit.

Now operating systems are powerful enough for the future because the tech is there to handle it and the basic functions are there plus the security is enough. "for todays standards Computer said it would install updates today. fair enough, vdon't Google stamp Chrome into their (chrome os )and Linux stamp Firefox into theirs and Apple have Safari. Starting January 15th, the deactivation limit will no longer be enforced.

Aning January 29, 2013 at 7:47 am I thought unstable now was wheezy? It's just fear mongering. The telemetry does not include shopping history, voice, etc. Please enable "Onboard LAN power on" in BIOS\Advanced\ACPI configuration. 2.

Simple as that. Please open the upper chassis and remove the DVD-OM device. I am finalizing an 18 month project and I didn't want any file issues, learning curve etc to interfere with that. Then the VGA driver will dynamically allocate the shared memory size to 256MB.

Hell I'm still trying to get the hang of Windows 10 and I've had it on my computer ever since I first bought it in August. I've been traveling and just got back online.